It is surely that the plan of the enemy has always been the under-minding of the word of God, “the sacred writings that provides the heavenly wisdom that leads to salvation through Faith which is in Christ Jesus” 2Tim3:15

His End-Time deception has to do with the “Lie” 2Thes2:11 (a false salvation and worship) and I believe that it will relate to the undermining of God’s word.
We must no underestimate the role that false teachers and prophets contribute to this end.
Let us keep in mind that the climatic end of this deception will manifest the “Two Horned Lamb like False Prophet” Rev13:11 who will ensure that all but the elect (kept by God’s power) will “Worship the image of the Beast” Rev13:12,15 The Lie of 2Thes2:11
The scripture is clear that “God himself will send the “strong delusion ( a deluding influence) upon the mind of those who love not the Truth, but took pleasure in wickedness” 2Thes2:11,12

Many christians today are already entangled in false doctrines preparing them for worshipping the beast and His Image. The proponents of ecumenism is creating the inroads for the rise of the False Prophet (the Two Horned Lamb & Dragon mixture beast)


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